“stealth” video games

I had to watch this most recent Rev3Games video because I was asking myself the same question. I’m playing through Dishonored for the first time right now, I’m almost done. I have decided that I do not have the patience for stealth games. Now, Dishonored gives you the option to go the non-stealth route, just killing everyone and hoping for the best (you won’t get it, but you can hope). But the game warns you right off the bat that the more violent you are, the more people you kill, the worse the ending of the story will be. So I wanted to be stealthy and try to get the “happy” ending for my first playthrough.

I started out strong but my patience quickly faded. Like the guys mention in the above video, you eventually forget about the story and get so focused on beating the AI that sometimes you also lose the fun. Seriously, the last level I played I literally blinked my way into the house, ran up to the boss, grabbed his key from his desk while he was screaming challenges at me and then just blinked my way to the downstairs exit that the key unlocked. Once I left that “zone”, I was safe, didn’t matter that I had aggro’d the entire building full of henchmen. I was sick of sneaking around, I just wanted it to be done.

It reminded me of why I don’t play stealth games. I don’t mind a bit of thievery here and there, as an optional way of getting extra cash or items (ala Skyrim) but I really do not have the focus for games that are 100% stealth, probably because of how it pulls me away from the story.

What about you? Do you like stealth games? Why or why not?

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