Trailer thoughts: The Giver

Remember how I was talking about Ender’s Game last week and how it tried to stay true to the book but in the end could not reach that level because of the limitations of a movie versus a novel?

Yeah, well clearly The Giver is not going to have that “staying true to the book” problem. I’ve read this book, that trailer is NOT for the book I read.

Wow, this really looks like a studio exec went into a box, found the rights to the book and said “Hey, make this into Hunger Games for me” to some random intern.

Stephanie pointed out that Jonas is 12 in the book. TWELVE. Looks like they have aged him up a bit JUST so they can give him a bit of romance drama. Also, that last scene of the trailer is VERY SPOILERY WTF!!!!!!!

I don’t think the power of Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep can save this one.

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