Review: Don’t Pigeonhole Me!

Don't Pigeonhole Me!
Don’t Pigeonhole Me! by Mo Willems
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think a few of the reviewers on here missed the point. The title of the book is “Don’t Pigeonhole Me!” and it’s Mo Willems sharing the art he has been creating for DECADES, even before he was famous for his Pigeon and Elephant and Piggie. As he explains in the first few pages, he doodles all the time and sometimes he draws things for his adult friends and this collection highlights many of those doodles.

If you are a teen or adult fan of Willem’s art, you MUST read this book. It gives you insight on his artistic career through his love of ‘zines. It starts out with him as a poor struggling artist in NYC in his 20s, practically tricking his friend to publish an entire ‘zine of his work. And then this becomes an annual tradition that he still upholds today.

You get to watch his entire style grow and expand until you see the Mo we know by the end.

I loved this book. I loved his little notes. I think Mo loved having the opportunity to share this artwork which was just distributed to a handful of his friends over the years. It’s like being a part of his inner circle. The introduction of each collection explains where he was in his life at the time and why the collection is themed the way it is. GREAT book for aspiring artists who need some motivation to go on and maybe great inspiration for a home project or school/library program.

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