‘Into the Woods’ teaser

Disney released the teaser trailer and some production photos from their upcoming big screen adaptation of the 1986 Tony Award Winning Broadway Musical Into the Woods yesterday. And the images awoke a part of me that I hadn’t seen in a long time – my musical theater geek.

She had been kept at bay by simple Disney musical like Tangled and Frozen but seeing the trailer (even though it has not hint of singing in it) made me long to hear all of those beautiful songs.

Into the Woods is one of my favorite musicals, one that I have adored since childhood. We taped it off of PBS, back when they would show the top Broadway hits on Great Performances (is this still a thing? It should be! I can’t afford tickets to New York, let alone Broadway plays). I watched it over and over, had the soundtrack. Pretty much it is embedded in my brain for all time. So you can imagine that after viewing the trailer I went into full “When Fangirls Attack” mode and bemoaned the lack of x, y, z and there was much “But Bernadette Peters OMG!” and shaking my head.

But I’ve calmed down now. I realized that this is actually a great opportunity for a new generation to be introduced to this play. Looking at the stills that were released, it looks like they are even keeping set changes to a minimal, as most of the actors are photographed in the same wooded area. It might be okay after all.

I’m still nervous, but again I have to remember that one of my other favorite childhood musical is A Funny Thing Happened On My Way to the Forum and I only ever saw that on VHS for the longest time (until I convinced my high school to do a production of it my senior year…ah the memories). ANYWAY, I’m sure Sondheim fans in 1966 were having the same feels as I am today when they saw the trailer for that movie in the theaters. Puts it all in perspective.

Of course, now I have the soundtrack to the Nathan Lane production from the early 90s and know all the songs that were left out of the movie. (OMG what might they leave out of Into the Woods???) And one of those songs is perfect for when I’m faced with learning about my favorite books, comic book, broadway musical being transferred to the big screen — I’m calm…oh so calm…oh so [screams internally]


  1. I’ve never seen it… this should not surprise anyone – as I’ve hardly seen anything but I think we should add it to my list!


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