Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is:

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014 (books, blogging or otherwise)

1. My Goodreads Reading Goal for last year was 60 books and I managed to beat that goal! Now, granted, many of those books were graphic novels for children and picture books. But if I’m going to count such things, I should increase my goal!  So next year I’m going to take it up to 75!

2. Schedule more blog posts!  I am just now getting into the habit of scheduling these Top Ten Tuesday posts and it’s been a lot of fun knowing they would go up each week and that this blog wasn’t sitting empty. I definitely want to keep participating in this weekly meme and maybe add a few more to the list.

3. Update my website! This has been on my to-do list for over a year now, whoops!  I mean, look at this poor thing, it’s just SAD!  If anything, I should just make one of my blogs live at the URL…though which one???

4. Stay more up to date on what is going on in the world…and mostly I think I just might start watching ‘The Daily Show’ again. The real world is depressing but I really need to be aware of what is happening, especially with elections on the horizon.

5. Cook at least one new thing a month…then blog about it? Okay, maybe just the first part of that. My comfort level with cooking has grown exponentially over the past three years. Maybe I’ll start pestering friends for easy to medium difficulty recipes I can try out.

6. More “professional” blog posts. I have another WordPress blog that is supposed to be where I post about Librarian kinda things. And I have opinions but I just tend to share them with co-workers but I really need to post more there than just storytime plans. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Just wish there was a helpful meme like this one for librarian posts…maybe I can start one!

7. Along those same lines, type up some more professional looking book reviews, especially for those random picture books I flip through all the time. When I was working on my MLS I took a class that taught me how to write professional reviews! I should put that to good use.

8. Sell some stuff. I have a lot of stuff. I am a collector of things. Not a hoarder, but I tend to get excited about tv shows or movies and buy ALL THE THINGS. And then years pass and I’m sorta over it. Most of what I want to sell are Star Wars prequel items that I bought during midnight madness things. Won’t get a ton of money, but any money would be good.

9. BUY A HOUSE. This is a big huge goal for this year. I’m so done with apartment living. I know that owning a house is a lot of responsibility, but I would be willing to take that on for all the perks of not sharing a wall and a floor with other people. It’s not that I am particularly loud, but I want to be able to play Dance Central and Rock Band and not worry about bothering anymore…except Tim. Oh wait, I don’t worry about bothering him!

10. BUY A HOUSE! I know this is on there already but I can’t think of another one and this is a HUGE DEAL!!!!! So, yeah.


  1. Great list! I like the Top Ten Tuesday! – could I steal the idea even though my main blog isn’t wordpress? Thanks for sharing your list 🙂 and I definitely think the house deserves two spaces… exciting stuff!


    • LOL yes, you can totally steal the idea! The blog it originates from isn’t WordPress either. 🙂 And I type mine up well in advance…good for slow nights on the desk when you’ve run out of steam to do any more work. And thank you for reading/commenting!


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