My top games of 2018

Only a few days left in 2018! Time to start posting some lists! Here are my most played games of 2018:

  1. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt — 93 hours, PC/Steam: I think this series really sucked me back into gaming again. Late last year, I decided I would finally finish the first Witcher game, which lead me to Witcher 2 and finally, when Steam had a summer sale, I grabbed Witcher 3 for $20. SO WORTH THE MONEY. I’m almost 100 hours into this thing and I still have plenty of game to go. The story, the characters, the world – I love revisiting it every time I sit down to play. And, yes, I know Netflix has a TV series in the works and I am…hesitant, to say the least. But this game is so gorgeous, if the show bombs, I can always come back and make Geralt run around for me. (And if you were wondering, my Geralt picked Triss as his true love.)
  2. Monster Hunter World — 42 hours, Xbox One: I did not realize I played this game quite so much! I got it for my birthday in March and since it is an online game, it was either all or nothing when it came to playing since you didn’t want to abandon your party. I really enjoyed this until I started to get bogged down in the stats of figuring out what outfit/weapon was best and what I needed to grind to complete it. Still, I kind of want to go back to it, maybe with the new year there will be lots of new players that picked up the game with Christmas money and I won’t be the only low level newbie running around.
  3. Forza Horizon 4 — 30 hours, Xbox One: I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH! I have played all of the FH games and you would think they had nothing left to give, but FH4 just takes everything to the next level. Seasons provide more driving challenges. Forzathon Live means I stay on another few minutes to join in the online fun, the HUGE array of races and activities available right from the start! And it is BEAUTIFUL! I’ve played over 30 hours and I am still discovering new things about this game.
  4. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild — 30 hours?, Nintendo Switch: I’m not sure how to check playtime on my Switch but as I completed the main story and several side quests, I’m just guessing here. A lot of fun to revisit Hyrule and see the new spin on Link’s story. I actually defeated Gannon by accident while running around collecting memories. Whoops! I’m sure I’ll go back to the game at some point, maybe if I buy the DLC. It was a lot of fun and there are still lots of treasures to find.
  5. Super Mario Odyssey — 30 hours?, Nintendo Switch: Guessing again on the playtime but I managed to finish the main story and unlock the Dark Side of the Moon. But there are so many side things to do in this game after you get through the main quest! It was a really cute and clever game. I loved when I’d transform into old pixelated Mario and jump along the wall. The puzzles were just tricky enough to make you try a couple times and then feel very satisfied when you figured it all out. Who doesn’t love Mario?
  6. Subnautica — 21 hours, PC/Steam: I really need to go back to this game, I’m probably about halfway through this underwater adventure but I got discouraged after a giant sea monster tried to eat my fancy new submarine! I’m usually not big on sandbox/building games, but there is just enough plot in Subnautica to keep me coming back that I do want to finish it. Though next time, I will draw a map because it turns out it is VERY easy to get lost underwater!
  7. Fallout: New Vegas — 20 hours, Xbox One/360: When Fallout 76 was released to such ho-hum reviews, I needed something to satisfy my Bethesda itch! And, it turns out, I heard three gamers I follow refer to this as the best of the Fallout series AND we had a GOTY copy…still wrapped in plastic! Lucky me, it was one of the backwards compatible games on the Xbox One so I installed it, with all of the DLC, and jumped right in. Confession: I’ve never completed a Fallout game! I’ve started 3 and 4, but then just got lost and didn’t feel compelled to go back. I’m really enjoying New Vegas though and I’ve been flipping between it and FH4 since late October. It definitely feels like my choices matter and there have been lots of moments where I thought “okay, next time I play, I will do that instead of this.” LOL, yeah because when will I find time to play this again??!
  8. Horizon Zero Dawn — ?? hours, PS4: Hm, can’t find an easy way to access game time for PS4 but I know I played this a LOT because my lovely friend gave me her copy after she completed it. This has such a unique world and I was sucked into the story immediately! It reminded me of all the things I enjoyed in the new Tomb Raider games combined with an open world with weird creatures that required me to think before I attacked. Unfortunately, I wandered into a battle I was unprepared for and did not save my game prior to it in a timely manner so I may have gotten mad and quit. Enough time has passed, I should probably go back because I can reload now without feeling frustrated.
  9. Pulsar — 21 hours, PC/Steam: This was our go-to game for playing with our online friends for the first half of the year. It is still VERY much in the early stages, but it is a lot of fun to log online with your 4 friends, fly around and find missions scattered throughout the universe. It can be clunky at times, but we had fun. Then my brother joined the Navy, and two of our friends got very demanding jobs and now we haven’t played in awhile. But maybe some day we will revisit it and see what updates have been made!
  10. Reigns: Her Majesty — 5 hours, PC/Steam: This game is ridiculous and I can’t believe I’ve spent 5 hours playing it! I mean, you literally swipe left or right to make choices. But don’t be fooled by the simple mechanics, there is a lot of strategy and when I finally understood how to advance the story, or at least prolong me queen’s life for a few more years, I would get sucked in and mumble “just one more queen” as I tried to help her solve the riddles of the kingdom. They just released a Game of Thrones edition of this and I’m tempted to pick it up since it is only $3.

So those were my most played games of 2018! Did you play any of these games? What games made your list? Link me to your end of the year posts or share in the comments!

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