Hulu Stats for 2018


I know it is creepy that everything we use online can track us but…I’m a sucker for stats and random numbers when they are ALL ABOUT ME!

Legion was the surprise here, BUT I realized that I watched it once on my own and then wanted Tim to see it, so technically I watched it twice so it bumped it up on the list. Too bad Season 2 was AWFUL! It is one of my shows that is “on notice” because Season 3 is only going to get a few episodes to make up for that mess before I turn it off, I don’t care HOW blue Dan Stevens’ eyes are!!

Of course, as a cord cutter, I watch shows on a LOT of different platforms, but Hulu was the only one that sent me a pretty graphic! So I have no idea how insane my Netflix, Amazon Prime, or YouTube watching was this year.

…but if I had to guess it would be ‘Last Kingdom’ on Netflix, ‘Expanse’ on Amazon and ‘Outside Xbox’ on YouTube.

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