game time: Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

I like Mario games, okay???

Using my upcoming road trip as an excuse, I spent the big money and bought New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for Switch on Friday.

I’ve only played a little but it is everything I hoped for. I didn’t play the Wii U version because I didn’t have a Wii U (I think it is one of the few modern consoles I never picked up!!) but the idea of a side scrolling Mario game just felt so right, I knew I had to play it.

Of course, I’m playing as Luigi because I always play as Luigi, the underappreciated Mario Bros.. I’m still playing regular mode though, I know there is a more challenging Luigi mode but I need to get the hang of this first.

There are some new characters they added for this version but they are apparently for “easy mode” players and I don’t really need that. But I think it is nice there is an option for the younger set that might be trying out Mario for the first time.

Anyone else pick this up? Are you enjoying it?

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