little bit about me

This meme is floating around some of the other social blogging sites I use but I thought it might be fun to share on here to learn a little bit about me!

  • Tattoos: 0 – I am a wuss and also have commitment issues so no way.
  • Ever hit a deer: THANK GOODNESS NO! I’m not even sure what I would do.
  • Ridden in an ambulance: No, but I’ve had to follow one before. :\
  • Sang karaoke: Like, outside of my house? Because I played a LOT of Rock Band at home with friends which is pretty much the same thing, right?
  • Ice skated: Yes, but not in a looong time. At some point I got an irrational fear that I would fall over and someone would skate by and cut my fingers off.
  • Ridden a motorcycle: No way. Doctors refer to them as “donor-mobiles” so ’nuff said.
  • Stayed in hospital: Yes, but not for myself…
  • Skipped school: ONCE! And my Mom dropped me off…I needed to camp out for Star Wars tickets!
  • Last phone call : Wrong number because who the hell calls anyone anymore?
  • Last text from: Stepdaughter asking me if I had watched Brooklyn 99. (this is another one of those shows that didn’t pull me in at first but I know from gifs and what not that I would probably enjoy it if I watched beyond the first season)
  • Watched someone die: No.
  • Pepsi or coke: Dr. Pepper, please.
  • Favorite Pie: Why choose??? As long as it has a delicious buttery crust, I’m happy.
  • Favorite pizza: I tend to get supreme style with everything on it. But not too much.
  • Favorite season: Fall – warm enough to be outside but cool enough that you’re not melting if you do an activity, like hiking.
  • Broken bones: Maybe? I hurt my ankle a few years ago and they x-rayed it and said it was a bad sprain but I really think there was a hairline fracture because it never healed right and it always looks swollen to me.
  • Received a ticket: Nope. Pulled over a couple times, but once I think it was because I had a water bottle I was driving from while leaving a college campus and I think the cop thought it was something else and another time I think I might have been maybe speeding but I was so upset when the cop pulled me over, he let me off with a warning. I remember it was right after I moved out on my own and I hadn’t updated my registration yet and that just made me cry even harder.
  • Favorite color: Blue? Maybe? Green? Turquoise? Red? What am I doing with this color? I have favorite colors of clothes, different ones for accessories, mood, time of day. I’m fond of most colors.
  • Sunset or sunrise: Sunset, as I’m more likely to be awake and aware. Sunrise means its time for work and that’s not fun (plus the damn cats start meowing at me).

Anything else you want to know about me? I’ll try to make posts like this on the regular so you can know a bit more about me than just my favorite books/movies/games of the moment! Comment with any burning questions you might have.

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