music monday: 2018 annotated playlist, song #3

Might as well dance by Jason Mraz

I hadn’t listend to Mraz in a long time. His first album came out back when I was in college at UMBC. The college was pretty cutting edge because we not only had a campus radio station but we also STREAMED the music live!

Anyway, one of our requirements for our shows was we had to play something from “the shelves” – a collection of CDs sent to us by record labels and what not. I somehow found Mraz’s album on there and just really loved it. It’s pure pop bliss and I was not ashamed to play it and dance around the booth.

Flash forward a couple years and I’m working (well, interning) at a local radio station, and who comes to visit to promote his new album?

I might have been a little excited?

You guessed it! (I might have been a little excited to meet him.)

So now you can jump forward to 2018. I had not listened to Mraz in awhile and then Spotify slipped “Have It All” into my New Releases mix and I was like “Hey, I know that voice!” and then during our drive to Wisconsin over the summer, who appeared on one of my favorite podcasts, NPR’s Ask Me Another, to promote his new album, his work on Sara Bareilles’ ‘Waitress’ musical and talk about avocado pudding?

He was back on my radar. When the album came out, I immediately listened to it and I just LOVED this song. It cracked me up with his take on the whole “dance like no one’s watching” attitude and instead saying “You know what, just dance and have fun and enjoy life!” It’s the kind of song you dance around the room to and when your partner innocently wanders in, you dance over to them and pull them over for a few lines.

Mraz said during the NPR interview that this was probably going to be his last album. It was his last contractually obligated album so now he can just do what he wants, which sounds like it might be growing avocados and living his life. And good on him. (though I just saw a commercial for a Jason Mraz themed build-a-bear???)

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