music monday: 2018 annotated playlist, song #4

Fred Astaire by Jukebox The Ghost

You know, people give Spotify a hard time, saying that it doesn’t introduce people to new music blah blah blah but you know what? Finding new music is HARD! It actually takes a LOT of work on the listeners part and you have to be willing to click around and take some chances. A lot of time, the algorithms suck and you end up skipping all over the place. But this is one of the times the math actually worked! Spotify suggested this band to me in 2018 and they became my most listened to band of the year!

I’m always trying to find music that gets my toes tapping and that I can sing along to. Music can effect my mood and there was plenty to be upset about in 2018, so finding a band like this was such a gift to my musical world. This song was in my “New Release” mix and I immediately had to click over and find out more about this band. I love the sound of the lead vocalist, his voice almost reminds me of a broadway singer. I love the tinkling piano and I think in a matter of days I had the latest album memorized.

I really hope I can see these guys live one day, I have a feeling they put on a great show.

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