music monday: annotated 2018 playlist, song #5

Give Yourself a Try by The 1975

This one snuck up on me. When I first heard it on the radio, I couldn’t stand the mix, with the guitar turned WAY up and that riff overpowering EVERYTHING.

Then I had one of those weird experiences where I was kinda of aware of the song, then we saw another band cover it so I could hear the lyrics a bit better and I was like “hm, maybe I will listen to that song a bit more” and I ended up really loving it.

My favorite lyrics (or, at least, the ones that pulled me in and made me listen closer):

I found a grey hair in one of my suits
Like context in a modern debate I just took it out

And what would you say to your younger self?
Growing a beard’s quite hard
And whiskey never starts to taste nice

The 1975 was one of those bands I kept meaning to listen to. People were suggesting them to me, Spotify’s algorithm kept making them pop up in my mixes, but for some reason I had not made time for them. I think they will get a few more spins in 2019 now that the new album that includes this song is out, which has a great mix of rock songs like this and some more experimental sounding stuff.

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