Dreams do come true!!

I bought tickets to PAX East 2019 because I was craving a convention and I haven’t been to PAX in years and also I have a friend that lives in Boston so I have a place to stay for free LOL. (Honestly, how do people afford out-of-town cons when they don’t have a place to couch surf?)

In the back of my mind when I bought my tickets, my far off hope and dream, was that the crew from Outside Xbox + Outside Xtra would stop by. It was a stretch – they are British and a hop across the pond on a YouTuber salary probably is an investment. And then they announced a local convention they would be attending the week before so I figured it wasn’t going to happen.

But last night I randomly decided to watch Show of the Week and they snuck in a quick announcement that they were, in fact, insane and coming to PAX East!!!!!! MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE!

The only PAX East 2019 Schedule that matters to me right now.

So now my entire PAX East trip will revolve around the Oxventure program (a live D&D show) and the meet & greet. Everything else will be icing but this is my cake. I don’t even care if the rest of my group is interested, they can go do whatever they want. I’m standing in line for these events.

I will be wearing this official Oxtra shirt in line.

I totally bought this shirt for myself to wear to PAX East and I am going to be *that person* wearing it during the meet and greet. If you want to be as cool as me, you can get your own shirt here at their official store.

If you haven’t watch Outside Xbox or Outside Xtra, you should! They are adorable. They talk about games, but they are never cruel or mean. Even if they don’t enjoy a game, they pretty much just talk about the pros and cons in a very even-handed way. None of that entitlement or ragging on other people for liking a game. And they have such a great sense of humor about things and always seem to be having fun. They just make me very happy for a few minutes each day with their silly list videos and show of the week goofiness.

March 28th, I am ready for you!!!!!! Let’s do this!!!!!!!

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