music monday: annotated 2018 playlist, song #7

Thirty Seconds to Mars – Rescue Me (Official Video)

Rescue Me by Thirty Seconds to Mars

I haven’t mentioned this much in my posts, but I take a lot of time when I am picking the order for the songs. This is how the band describes the song on the YouTube page:

Rescue Me is a song about pain, a song about empowerment, a song about faith, and a song about freedom.

Freedom from the wreckage of your past. Freedom from the bondage of self. And freedom to embrace all the promises that life has to offer.

It’s also a song about the brutal war so many of us wage against fear, depression and anxiety in the hope that we might, one day, live a life filled with happiness and dreams.

Pain does not discriminate. It can affect us all. In our bodies. Our hearts. Our minds. And often, when that pain is emotional or mental, we are afraid to speak up.

None of us are “ok” all the time. And there shouldn’t be a stigma when we aren’t. Both my brother and I have had our own intense personal battles and it has, and continues to be, life changing. I try to remember that just past the darkest days await the brightest and most rewarding moments. And that change is always right around the corner.

from the “Rescue Me” YouTube page description

It made sense to put this song after Ellie Goulding’s rendition of Vincent, a song about a man who suffered so much but still managed to create so much beauty.

This song is clearly autobiographical and listening to Jared Leto beg his fans to not let themselves suffer for the sake of suffering, to seek help, to know that even those that love you can cause you pain…it is a powerful song to listen to and I think a good one to sing along to.

We all have rough days. Some more than others. I know I am very lucky that I have never been so low in the depths of despair, but I have known so many people that have felt that lost and alone.

I’m glad that we as a society are trying to be more open and honest about these darker feelings and helping each other identify them and hold on until they pass. Because that is the true struggle with things like depression – there is no cure, nothing you can do to make it magically go away – it is all about holding on to hope and reminding yourself that it will pass and you can make it out of that darkness.

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