month of me – it’s my birthday!

If you were wondering – Today is the day! Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes!


FYI, the Google Photo Scan app…not as great as I was hoping. I think I’ll just bite the bullet and scan them the old fashioned way. But I was too lazy tonight so you get this weird photo that looks like it was run through too many filters of me contemplating getting older and what looks to be maybe 8 years old? (I can’t see all the candles and the photo is stuck down in the old album and I’m scared to peel it off).

I had a wonderful day. I always take my birthday off because it is the holiday of me. Yes, I am the center of attention today. At least, for myself, if that makes sense. As someone that works in customer service, I feel like most of my days are spent taking care of everyone. I love my job but I think it’s good to have a few days set aside during the year to just be all yours. I tend to “treat myself” for all of March because we should all celebrate our birthday all month long.

I slept until a little after 9am, rolled out of bed and had a cup of hot chocolate and then Tim appeared behind me with a card and a bag of goodies.

He got me two video games – Dishonored 2, which I have wanted to play since it came out but it kept getting bumped down my list, and Monster Boy for Switch, which is brand new was the biggest surprise!!

He also bought me HOTPOP microwave popcorn popper but unfortunately, our microwave gave up on it’s mechanical little life on Friday so now we need to buy a new microwave so I can use my new popcorn popper! I am contemplating taking it to work with me to test it out.

My parents got me the new iPhone XR, which is great because my poor 6 was dying. This upgrade made a HUGE difference. I got the shiny red one and I love it. And then they bought us dinner, delicious gyros.


Bonus, the universe also decided it was a good time to celebrate and I won a giveaway on Entertainment Earth for a Legend of Zelda prize pack!

Now it’s time to curl up with my Switch and see if I can at least get past the Monster Boy tutorial before bedtime!

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