music monday – annotated 2018 playlist

music video “Mr Tillman” by Father John Misty

Mr. Tillman by Father John Misty

This song cracks me up and after the heavyness that was ‘Rescue Me’, I wanted to follow up with something a little bit lighter, even if it is still dealing with the topic of a rock star going through some things.

I just love how the song is from the poor hotel concierge’s point of view as he struggles with this celebrity who has clearly been at the hotel many times before, maybe too many times before. Just that opening, forced compliment of “What a beautiful tattoo that young man had on his face” – you can hear how forced that smile is as they hand over the keys and signal the bell hop to take away the bags. It makes me think of the hotel scenes in the movie ‘Almost Famous’ where everyone is just running wild. It looks like fun and games but then you think of the poor staff!

I haven’t actually watched the video for this song because I think the video that I made up in my head will probably be better.

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