My TV watch list is out of control!

I am watching WAY TOO MANY shows at once right now, here is the list, according to my TV TIME app:

Just started
Love, Death and Robots (Netflix) – animated anthology series for sci-fi short stories adapted to film. Only on my radar because John Scalzi was blogging about it and had 3 stories adapted for the series. I’ve watched two of them so far – Three Robots and The Day the Yogurt Took Over

The Terror (AMC/Library DVD) – not gonna lie, mostly picked this up because Andy and Jane from Outside Xbox were babbling about it the other day. I had been curious about it but forgot it existed because AMC sucks for cord cutters. But the library had the DVD so now I am binge watching it before the due date. REALLY dark, but Jared Harris (Anderson Dawes from The Expanse) is in it and I really like him, even if his character is a hot mess (or should I say cold mess since they are stranded in the ice).

Promised Neverland (CrunchyRoll) – we only watch this one when our friend Mathew is over for anime nights so once a month. I could binge watch the whole thing, I just want to know what is happenings!

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (Netflix) – watched the first and second episodes. I forgot Noelle Stevenson was involved so now I want to watch the rest. I can totally hear her voice. This show is perfect for our late Wednesday night dinners.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (NBC/Hulu) – Yes, late to the party on this one. Sylvia actually started watching it so I used that as an excuse. Plus, we needed show to watch when she was over on the weekends.

Queer Eye (season 3) (Netflix) – YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I missed these guys and the positivity of this show. I’m trying to not binge this, I want to treasure every moment and every tissue.

In the Middle of
Space Battleship Tiramisu (CrunchyRoll) – this show is ridiculous. It’s supposed to be about a pilot for a giant Gundam like robot fighter but he is such an idiot and he gets into the most hilarious situations, usually involving food. It has a complex story but that is usually sidelined for the silliness.

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix) – Another one I am trying to take my time with rather than binge. I didn’t care for the comic but I am loving the show.

Making a Murderer (Netflix) – one of Tim’s friends said he should watch this so we started. It was compelling at first but I think the episodes are too long and it is dragging it all out a bit too much. We lost steam and I’m tempted to just Google to see how it all ends…but at the same time I feel like I should finish watching the show, we can’t have that much left!

Riverdale (Season 3)(CW) – This season, dear god. I had to take a break and then just decided I would wait for it to be on Netflix.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix) – debating if I will bother to go back to this one or not. I watched the first couple episodes and was intrigued, though it was a lot heavier than I expected.

Skull-face bookseller Honda-san (CrunchyRoll) – it’s like Black Books but less British people chugging wine and being rude to customers and more Japanese people asking for inappropriate manga. Only watched a few of these but they are short and hilarious and bookstore problems are very close to library problems.

Steven Universe (DAMMIT CARTOON NETWORK/HULU!) – I hate the CN app and Hulu only gets the show when Cartoon Network allows it…so I’m WAITING. NO SPOILERS! I think we are technically TWO seasons behind now. WHY IS THIS SHOW NOT ON BLU-RAY!!!!?!?!

Kagewani (CrunchyRoll) – So, I honestly thought we had finished this but apparently not? Oops. Another one we save for anime nights but it got bumped down the list because there were too many other shows we were invested in.

Caught up and waiting for more!
Speechless (ABC/Hulu) – This show is just amazing, consistently funny and touching and I hope it gets another season, even if I’m worried about balancing things once J.J. and Kenneth are at college. I really hope they don’t tank things with J.J. and his girlfriend just so he has to stay home for school. I like the idea of him going to NYC and navigating life without Maya.

Bob’s Burgers (FOX/Hulu) – Another show that never lets me down. I love this family, their dynamics. Somedays I feel like Bob, other days I’m totally Linda, when fangirling over shows I turn into Tina or Louise and other days I’m just goofy like Gene. It’s hard not to love them all.

The Orville (FOX/Hulu) – Came late to this game but making up for it by going hard core fan about the whole thing. Watched all the YouTube featurettes, listening to Seth’s albums, and pretty much telling everyone I know to watch it (right after they watch The Expanse, of course).

The Goldbergs (ABC/Hulu) – I’m not sure I would have stayed with this as long as I have if it wasn’t for Tim and Sylvia enjoying it. It has its moments but it does fall back on the same routine most of the time. It’s actually interesting how often this show parallels Speechless, with the Mom trying to understand her purpose after children…but at least in Speechless, she is a mom with a special needs child and now he is almost an adult so the change feels less more natural where as Beverly is just a “smother”.

iZombie (final season) (CW) – Can’t wait to see how they wrap up this whole story!! This show went from being fluffy to pretty deep by the end. So many layers.

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? (CruncyRoll) – Anime, the style has issues and fantasy anime as a genre also has some…issues. I didn’t think I would enjoy this show because it is very BOOBS! but I really like the main character’s story and the world set up. I just wish there was less SHINY BOOBS IN YOUR FACE and just story. And also the fact that every female character has a crush on the main guy. Tim and Mathew were watching this and I kind of joined in, but now we are all caught up.

Game of Thrones (HBO) – Let’s get this over with already. I’m ready for this show to be over. Too much gloom. Too many bad people. So dark. I can’t take the darkness.

Food Wars (CrunchyRoll) – okay, this one is RIDICULOUS and it makes me so hungry. I do love this show and all of the characters though. Basically it is a bunch of kids at an elite cooking school and every class is like an Iron Chef episode.

Konosuba (CrunchyRoll) – Another problematic fantasy anime, with lots of weird sex stuff BUT the characters are just so endearing. They are living in an MMO-style fantasy world, and the are pretty much a bunch of rejects that have to party up to survive.

Haunting of… (Netflix) – Now that Netflix has announced that ‘Haunting of Hill House’ was just the start of an anthology series of shows based on classic horror stories, I am all about another “season”. Next up is ‘Turn of the Screw’. I need to read both of these stories because the book nerd in me needs to compare and contrast.

Mindhunter (Netflix) – This show filled the hole in my life left by ‘Hannibal’ since it is based on the story of the actual detective that literally wrote the book on serial killers. Second season was confirmed but no actual word on WHEN!

Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt (Netflix) – Actually, this one is all done. The final season was uneven, but it still had some great bits. The whole story about Cats on Broadway made it all worth it.

Stranger Things (Netflix) – I was going to write this show off after season 2 because I wasn’t super thrilled with it BUT the trailer for Season 3 just came out and it feels right. It feels like maybe they have found that great blend of 80s homage again, this time with the summer teen movie.

The Expanse Season 3
Conan Without Borders
Fraggle Rock

To watch
The Passage
Russian Doll
American Gods (Season 2)

Opted out/Abandoned
Schitt’s Creek
Doctor Who
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction

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