music monday – annotated 2018 playlist

Ninja Sex Party – Danny Don’t You Know

So, I went from Mr. Tillman being the rock star that doesn’t care anymore, then to a very confident young woman telling it like it is and now we have the geeky guy telling his younger self that it gets better.

Yes, that is the kid from ‘Stranger Things’.

I have blasted this song at top volume many many times since I discovered it. It is great to sing along to because we are all cool as fuck on the inside.

I was late to the Ninja Sex Party…party. We found this one night while goofing off on YouTube and between this epic song and then finding out they did a cover of ‘Last Unicorn’, I was an instant fan.

Yes, most of their songs are very immature and the jokes focus on male body parts and sexual innuendo (and sometimes the innuendo goes right out the window, like a dummy being tossed by Ninja Brian, and it’s just straight up sex talk). BUT their hearts are in the right place.

Cool Patrol, the album this song appears on, has lots of fun, ridiculous songs and it was so great to find a band that just doesn’t take itself seriously AT ALL. They also have two albums of just cover songs, mostly 80s rock, and Dan has a beautiful voice. I see a lot of potential here and I’m hoping that maybe down the road they will explore doing original music that are not over-the-top. They have the musical chops to do it.

You can listen to my favorites of 2018 playlist here on YouTube or here on Spotify

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