#gamerproblems – Witcher 3 finale

I decided to do the final mission in Witcher 3 today, to find out how the whole main quest played out.

And now I’m thoroughly depressed because my got the DARKEST TIMELINE ending. Pretty much everything SUCKED except for Skellege, where Geralt managed to get the daughter of Crach crowned as queen and she was a good ruler. Everwhere else, BAD.



Apparently there are little interactions during the game that change how it all plays out at the end. I found this out when I saw what I refer to as the Bad Dad article on Kotaku. And, like this player, I tried to have Geralt treat Ciri like a daughter, with encouragement and love but maybe I turned out to be a Smother (or the Witcher Dude equivalent) and that made Ciri less capable of facing the peril.

I have over 100 hours in the game and I’m kinda thinking about starting over just to try again and maybe NOT get the worst ending ever.

To make it worse, I know that Tim and my brother both got the “happy” ending for Ciri and Geralt. I know I could Google and find the videos of the final cut scenes but that’s not the same. I need to earn it. I want to unlock it myself.

I feel like I let Geralt down.


So how was your weekend?

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