a long time ago, we used to watch Veronica Mars

While I LOVED the first season, I wasn’t actually thrilled with the second and third season of Veronica Mars. The second season had too much “retconning” of what “really” happened in season 1. Season 3 was better but just didn’t have the same level of intrigue. Perhaps it was the challenge of tackling college, with new characters being introduced and a new setting with Neptune College (Buffy had similar growing pains in Season 4) and I I remember the show feeling back on track as the season wrapped up only to find out it had been cancelled.

History became legend, legend became myth…or, you know, the show had a cult following so a few of us continued to pine away for Kristen & Co. but gave up hope as time went on…and then Kickstarter became a thing.

Kickstarter Backer Banner made by me back in the day

I participated in the Kickstarter for the movie. Even got a digital copy of the movie as my reward but then I only watched it once when I hosted a release party at my house. I can’t remember much about it, so maybe I should watch it again.

I rewatched the series when the movie was officially funded (even chronicled the viewings on my blog at the time). The series originally aired in from 2004-2007, and I was watching it approximately ten years later. I had forgotten most of it, but it was in the rewatch that some of the things that didn’t sit right with me in the original viewing really stood out – maybe because I had also roped my friend into watching it with me since he had never seen it so not only was I re-evaluating my memories but discussing it with him.

One of my main problems is that I never shipped Veronica/Logan so I was perturbed that show creator Rob Thomas was all about them as a couple. They are the Buffy/Spike of the series – the chemistry is there but I never felt they were the best fit beyond the initial fling. Yet Thomas was dead set on them being THE power couple of the show. He attempted to tweak Logan’s character a little for the movie, making him a bit more civilized because he had joined the Navy, but I was upset all over again with how things ended with Piz in season 3.

Yet, I’m oddly excited about the new season on Hulu.

Veronica Mars Season 4 Hulu Trailer

Maybe it is just because I adore Kristen Bell and I’m happy to see her on my TV AGAIN. I always liked Veronica as a character, and the whole cast was wonderful so I’m really hoping they capture that season 1 magic again with a mystery that has plenty of twists and turn but also some good character moments.

Maybe Veronica Mars is a vampire, because the series just can’t stay dead (or I guess it would be better to compare the show to a zombie, since show creator Rob Thomas also brought iZombie to CW, which just started it’s final season this week).

So, yeah, I’m totally going to watch Season 4 on Hulu in July because even the bad episodes of Veronica Mars were so damn watchable.

Are you going to watch the new series?

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