Revenge of the Fifth

The DC Star Wars Collecting Club had their meeting on Sunday! It was a great turnout, a post Celebration run down. I haven’t been to a Star Wars Celebration since CIII and I’m fine with that – I prefer my conventions to be multi-fandom where possible because I love too many things. But I did enjoy listening to everyone talk about their weekend. It’s a great group of nerds and we have fun.

Couple of highlights – I picked up this little lady for $1


Now General Organa and Rey are hanging out on my desk and it makes me happy. I might have them hug later. I have cut back a lot on buying figures, mostly I just focus on the female characters and I didn’t have TFA or TLJ Leia so this was just meant to be. She was already opened and I guess the person just didn’t want her anymore. Great face sculpt!

My other bittersweet highlight was finally getting the club pin for this past year:


Every year, the club designs and sells a pin for a charity fundraiser. This year, the design also honors a member that we lost last year to cancer. I posted about it at the time, but his focus for collecting was Luke in his Jedi costume and I will never not see Luke and not think of Bob. I’m so happy to have this pin to add to my collection.

Oh and these two things were just too ridiculous not to take a picture of:


I am calling myself an Expanse Evangelist now. Every time someone starts to talk to me about tv shows, I immediately bring it up. One of my Star Wars buddies was chatting with me about Firefly, which I was also praising like crazy back in the day, telling everyone to go see ‘Serenity’ and he did and he loved it and now he was the one telling me that there were Firefly books out. So of course I had to ask if he had watched Expanse LOL. I really feel like it is a perfect fit for Firefly fans.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend!

Sidenote: I realized that I never posted about my PAX East adventures!!! I will do something soon because I had a lot of fun and there were a bunch of game I think many of you would enjoy!

But now, TO BED! Because Monday was a Monday. Why did I schedule a program the first day of the week????

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