#videogames Monster Prom

My friend Mathew had told me about this game called Monster Prom and it was marked down on Steam 50% this past week, making it only $6 so I figured, why not!


The basic premise is that you are a student at Monster High and Prom is only weeks away so you need to woo someone so you can have a date and not be a total loser.

But, of course, this is Monster High, so you have a drunk/high ghost, a hipster vampire, the son of a demon, a werewolf and more to pick from. Each day at school you pick where to hang out – library, classroom, gym, auditorium – with lunch happening every day – and you get to interact with the different characters. There’s also a cat girl who sells random items that may or may not help you in the game. It’s a dating sim for people who like to try to convince someone to date them by buying a totem that opens a portal into another dimension and then spitting bees from their mouth to survive the interdimensional bacherlorette show.

The artwork is adorable but this is not a kids game, with lots of sex, drugs and rock and roll. And also blood sacrifice.

Another thing I like about it (and what makes it so addictive) is that there is a 30-minute and 60-minute version so even when you’re like “I don’t really have time to game right now” you can sit down and knock out the 30 minute game and maybe unlock some new items for the store or find a secret ending. Or just try to get an achievement for spending your entire day, every day in the bathrooms.

honestly, I see why my friend likes it because it is just so off the wall ridiculous and so is he. I’m really excited to try the multiplayer mode with him because apparently you can steal each other’s dates.

Anyway, it is a steal on Steam right now. If you have $6 and just want something fun to play on some downtime, this is a good grab.

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