July 2 – Photo Request

Submitted by Livejournal user icecoldrain

July 2 Photo Request

Books I have owned the longest

Guess when I grew up – Garfield and American Girl were hot items! (actually, these are all pretty timeless, I still get questions for all of these books at the library!)

books I've owned the longest

Another set of children’s classics! I really feel like I should re-read Ramona. I hardly remember anything about her misadventures anymore.

books I've owned the longest

These ‘Muppet Babies’ books were from Happy Meals. The copyright inside is 1988. Took me a minute to find them because I have a collection of Muppet books (on the ledge behind me) but most of them have been collected over the years from library withdrawals and donations. But these three were always my books.

books I've owned the longest

OF COURSE STAR WARS! I actually have all three books. They are in decent shape, though flipping through I did see one page with some tape on it. But just one page, come on!

What about you? Which books in your home have you owned the longest?

Have a photo request or question for me? Leave it in the comments! I have a few empty days in July still for shenanigans!

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