July 3 photo request

submitted by ragnorak_08

July 3 Photo Request

I’m weird and while my misc dvds/blu-rays are on one shelf, most of my fandoms are separated out to specific spaces as part of displays around the basement. So it is impossible to get the entire collection in one photo.

This first photo is that misc shelf, random films that don’t fit into a fandom (or, at least, not a fandom that I have a shrine for). The DVDs stacked on top are ones that we still need to watch and/or were borrowed, recently acquired and they have not been given a place to live on the shelf.

DVD/Blu-Ray Collection - Misc Shelf

Now things start to get sorted into their appropriate areas. The cult classics, the Spielberg shelf, TV shows with a few random movies, and LotR on the bottom.

dvd/blu-ray collection; part 2

Here is a close-up of the Spielberg shelf:

dvd/blu-ray collection: The Spielberg Shelf

And the Lord of the Rings shelf:

dvd/blu-ray collection: Lord of the Rings shelf

I’ve posted a picture of this collection a few times now but I never mind showing it off. Across the top are all the Buffy and Angel DVDs. There is a Firefly/Serenity shelf also, which also is the home to the first ‘Avengers’ movie and ‘Cabin in the Woods’. Oh and ‘Dollhouse’

dvd/blu-ray collection: Whedon shelves

Britcoms and Sitcoms:

dvd/blu-ray collection: Brit Coms and Sitcoms

This is the Animation corner featuring anime shows and movies (most of these are technically Tim’s collection) and the black shelf which has Disney/Pixar at the top and random animated shows, like Futurama and Adventure Time closer to the bottom.

dvd/blu-ray collection: Animated features and shows

“BUT SAM”, I can hear you saying, “WHERE ARE YOUR STAR WARS DVDS?!?”

Why, on the Star Wars shelf, of course! What do you think I am, some kind of animal that interfiles their Star Wars films with normal, every day DVDs??

dvd/blu-ray collection: Star Wars

And now you are crying “Oh Sam, that is too close, I can’t even tell where these DVDs/blu-rays are located! BACK UP SO I MAY BASK IN THE GLORY OF YOUR STAR WARS SHELF!”

As you wish:

Star Wars bookshelf as of July 2019

So, how do YOU organize YOUR dvd/blu-ray collection? Share your photos!

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