Today I played: Steam Game Festival demos

Steam is hosting an online game festival, highlighting some new and upcoming indie game titles and, in some cases, offering their in progress demos for a limited time over the next four days. Here are the titles that I sampled today:

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

game art for Chicory: A Colorful Tale

As you can see from the art, whimsical is a good word for this game. You play as the apprentice to the town Wielder, a magical creature in charge of keeping the town “in color” using a paint brush. When the Wielder goes missing, you pick up the paint brush and go into town to look for her.

You wander through town, painting houses for friends and collecting clothing for your character and eventually you find the previous Wielder, who beckons you to follow her into an evil looking cave.

This seems like a really cute and fun adventure game and the painting element is a great twist. Apparently there is also a co-op option where a friend can help you paint. I will be curious to see how that evolves over time. Definitely adding this to my wishlist.

Garden Story

Garden Story key art

I actually walked by the booth for this at PAX East 2020, but the line was long so we opted not to try it. It was nice to play this in the comfort of my home in a more chill setting because this game is very chill.

You play as Concord (the grape, get it?) and you are on a quest to rebuild your town. There’s a bit of that Animal Crossing vibe as you run around collecting supplies, but then there is also more typical RPG things of fighting off the “rot” that is taking over the town and keeping the citizens from returning. Dungeons also appear to have a puzzle solving element too, pushing blocks around to trigger doors to open

I’ve added this to my wishlist to watch as it progresses. The art is really cute and I think the combination of town sim, rpg, and puzzles will make it one to pick up when it finally arrives.

Mystic Pillars

Mystic Pillars key art

This was a fun puzzle game that has a story based in Ancient India. It really eases you into the puzzles and at first you think that it is too easy and then you finally hit one that just breaks your brain and you have to walk away for a bit.

The story is that a spirit is up to something, raising these pillars to stop the townspeople from accessing the resources they need. As your mysterious traveler solves the puzzles, impressing the spirit, it begins to tell you the story of what happened in the towns.

The puzzles consist of moving the golden stones from pillar to pillar, trying to make it match up with the final solution you are given. The number of stones on the pillar limits how far you can move around. 1 stone = 1 move, 2 stones = 2 moves etc. Again, it SOUNDS simple, but I got to level 23 and had to take a break because I was stuck!

If you like logic puzzles, this seems like a solid one to pick up. Beautiful artwork too, as you can see just from the image here. It is out now on Steam and will come to tablets/phones soon.


ROKI screenshot

As soon as I saw this feisty red head in her knit cap, red backpack and winter boots and mittens, I was excited about this game. The demo opens with Tove wandering into a cave that has a tree covered in eyeballs! She is searching for a missing friend.

The demo reminded me of a point-and-click adventure but with a bit more style. While exploring the area, Tove found a rope and a bear trap and combined it to make a useful tool.

Tove seems unfazed when she meets a troll sitting under a bridge and a creature hiding in a broken barrel so this is a world where fairy tales have come to life.

I just really love the art style. This one is in VERY early production but the demo was enough to make me want to know more about this adventure.

What demos have you played? Any you suggest I check out before the special event ends? Tell me in the comments!

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