Beware the Quarantined Librarian searching for hashtags…

Person online: innocently asks for a book suggestion

Quarantined Librarian: responds with 40 different titles, making sure to include children’s lit, YA, graphic novels and Adult fic.

Person online: laments inability to physically go to the library and check out books, says they have nothing to read.

Quarantined Librarian: Spams them with links to Overdrive/Libby, Cloud Library and how to sign up for an online library card based on their location and includes a list of books currently available to download that they suggest.

Person online: says they are having trouble focusing on reading books right now

Quarantined Librarian: Links them to RBDigital and Overdrive, how to get a library card and several articles on how audiobooks are just as good for you as reading. Also mentions their favorite books and narrators.

Person online: Posts about how they miss their local library and the staff there.

Quarantined Librarian: **cries**

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