Yet another Books and Reading meme

1. What was the last book you read completely?
Layoverland by Gabby Noone

2. How often do you read?
I try to read every day, usually at bedtime to help me unplug. This doesn’t always happen…especially right now with my sleep schedule being total garbage.

3. What is your favourite genre to read?
I’m usually pretty open to things as long as they are well written? I do like a good thriller with a bit of sci-fi thrown in though ala Michael Crichton.

4. What is your favourite book of all time?
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams still holds a special place in my heart.

5. What is your least favourite book of all time?
If I don’t like a book, I stop reading it, so one that I was FORCED to read but didn’t want to means it was a school book..still pretty upset about ‘Where the Red Fern Grows’. I can’t take any animal abuse.

6. Who is your favourite author?
Michael Crichton, Douglas Adams, Neal Shusterman…it’s too hard to pick just one!

7. What author is overhyped?
I don’t know, I’ve never been able to get through a Patterson but lots of people like his style so to each their own.

8. Do you prefer audio, physical, or an e-reader?
I like to read in bed, listen in the car. I havent’ bothered with an e-reader. I use books as a way to unplug and I feel like having a device in my hand would just lead to getting distracted.

9. Hardback or paperback?
Hardback just for text size and comfort of reading. I don’t have anything against paperbacks.

10. Bookmarks or dogears?
BOOKMARKS! I have so many bits of paper I have collected over the years that became “bookmarks”. Many an action figure box was trimmed carefully to create a bookmark.

11. Where is your favourite place to read?
In bed or at the breakroom lunch table.

12. Do you wish you were an author?
Do I wish I could write or wish I was an author LOL (throwing some shade there). It would be nice to have the focus and dedication to sit and write a complete story. I’m easily distracted.

13. How do you arrange your books on your shelves?
They are by topic/author. If it is a series, they are in release order.

14. What is the longest book you ever read?
No idea, probably the last Harry Potter book LOL. That thing was huge.

15. How many books do you want to read in 2020?
Well, I wanted to read 100 but that is not happening. World events have thrown off my groove.

16. How many books have you read so far in 2020?
12, but one of them was a Mo Willems easy reader so…

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