More Livestreams helping me survive quarantine: @lukewestaway reads a Victorian Ghost story

YouTube video: Victorian Ghost Story Live

Luke Westaway changed things up this weekend and instead of his chill lo-fi music writing livestream, he instead did a chilling read aloud of a Victorian ghost story.

Not going to lie, I was skeptical. Not of Luke’s ability to read, but that I would be able to focus on a Victorian story, let alone have it scare me at all. Oh reader, I WAS WRONG! Even with Luke taking breaks to have a sip of water and discuss with the chat, the mood remained creepy and eerie and one scene in particular had me sitting with my hand over my mouth as I pictured the moment.

I won’t post any spoilers, and I highly recommend that you give it a watch. It’s a nice little time. If you tune in next Sunday, you can participate in the live stream chat, which added a bit of extra discussion as we all tried to solve the mystery along with Luke.

Subscribe to Luke’s channel to be notified of upcoming streams! You won’t regret it (or maybe you will OOOOOOH /ghost voice)

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