Things I knew about myself that I forgot

Well, if this whole pandemic has taught (or retaught?) me anything, it is that I am a creature of habit to the nth degree.

There was a reason that I had perfect attendance all through elementary, middle and high school. There was a reason I never get any better at my instrument.
There was a reason I went to every single class, lecture and lab in college.

If I’m not in a work environment, I am awful at doing work.

I am the kind of person that keeps their home life and work life as separate as I can. I mean, yes, most of my friends are from work, but I never bring work home with me and I rarely let it bleed into my every day life. I’m lucky like that, it is what attracted me to my job. I work 9-5 (and once a week 1-9) and then I am done. When I go on vacation, I will look at my work email and scan it for any emergencies (now that I’m a manager) but my staff knows to text me if there is something urgent because otherwise I am not working when I’m off.

So being at home and trying to work from home has been a challenge. Especially since when the library first shut down, we were just stuck in a holding pattern, with very little we needed to do apart from updating the signage when our closing dates were extended. And now that the date is finally feeling tangible, I’m starting to panic? Because I know there are things I need to do and get done and suddenly it feels like I need to get everything done right now even though I have a month but the way April flew by, a month seems like nothing.

When I’m at work, I am more self-motivated but apparently at home, I have little to no motivation because I have programmed myself to feel like being at home means time to relax. And I really don’t want to throw that off?

I may attempt to create some kind of schedule for next week, force myself to get up, do work. Because here is the thing, I think I am most productive from 9am-11am when I’m at work but when I am at home and have nowhere to be, I naturally sleep until 10:30am so therefore, though I feel well rested, I have missed my productive hours and tend to not want to do anything. (normal workday usually has me in my office from 9-1, eating lunch from 1-2, and then usually working on the desk or mingling with staff from 2-5 so you can see how my internal clock is set up already).

Anyway, how are you all holding up? Hope you’ve had better luck finding your work-from-home groove. Or, at the very least, reading this post makes you feel less alone in your struggle. ❤

I leave you with the tweet that inspired this introspective post:

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