Game Thoughts: Set A Watch

Set A Watch on Tabletop Simulator

I picked this game up at PAX East 2020, got home and then lockdown happened. so I have been playing on TTS with a friend in Chicago.  I really enjoy it though that element of chance can really bite you in the butt if you’re having an unlucky day (which you can witness if you watch Dicebreaker’s Let’s Play).  We’ve had games where we wiped almost immediately due to a rough shuffle and then we won our last two games after one of the Summons cards ended up in the Horde pile, which we then banished. 

But it is a fun cooperative game.  1-4 people can play at a time, but 4 characters must be in play.  I have now played through all of the characters at least once and it is hard to pick favorites. Each has its own unique abilities, but if you can balance one of the direct attack tanks with a magic wielder, things will go well.  Usually.

The premise is that you are 4 adventurers on watch, protecting the city from the monsters lurking in the dark.  Each night, the group moves to a new location and one character will stay at camp, chopping firewood to increase visibility and using other actions to prepare the others for the fight. The other three heroes will face the creatures coming out of the darkness. Over the course of 8 nights, our heroes and the creatures will face off.  Once in awhile, Summons cards will appear, pulling boss characters into the line of creatures, Unhallowed, each with their own unique powers. Defend the town from the creatures, and be ready to fight another day.  Let monsters sneak past, and they will join the Horde you must face on the final night.

Tonight, I played as The Bard and The Beast Master, with my friend playing The Rogue and The Ranger. It was my first time playing both of them and I enjoyed their powers but they were not a good combo team, both with too many support actions rather than offensive attacks. 

The TTS edition is lovely but I will be happy to play IRL and really roll those dice on the table. I bought the Deluxe Edition, which is what the TTS Mod is and I love that the whole box is part of the game. If you have TTS and a friend (or two) to play with, it only takes a playthrough to get the hang of it all and I definitely recommend it.You can also play solo but I don’t think that would be quite as much fun, but still a good way to learn the set up and the rules.

Support the game creators by purchasing the game here

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