Retail therapy: March 2020 1/??

I have done more online shopping in the past few months than I normally do. I think a lot of it is that, while I spend a lot of time online, most of that time is spend on social media and gaming. I don’t usually click through to shopping sites from their emails or Instagram ads.

Hot Topic was the first one to get to me. I think I still held out hope that this would only last a few weeks and then we would be back to work. I wanted more geeky jewelry to wear to work – I was really bummed that our trip to Universal didn’t yield any cool tie-in jewelry. (Seriously Universal, get on that!) HT was doing a Buy 2 get 1 free on all jewelry so I started browsing. When I saw the Emperor’s New Groove “essence of llama” necklace, I knew I had to get it. Bonus when I found the BB8 and R2 “friendship necklace” set that was already a 2 for 1. How could I resist?

Of course, this purchase earned me “Hot Cash”, so a week or so later, I got an email saying I could redeem that. Lucky for me, the sale was still going on! More jewelry! And then I fell into the trap of adding on coupons while trying to reach free shipping…so yeah, I also grabbed some Legend of Zelda hair bands which, let’s face it, are kind of ridiculous because once they are in my hair, you won’t be able to see them. Especially with this giant mop of quarantine hair.

I really like the dice earrings and how they look, but OMFG they are HEAVY. I wore them around the house for a bit when they arrived but I am not sure if I would last a full work day wearing them. I will try, of course, but they might end up tossing into my purse before 5pm.

I did buy one ridiculous thing. Hugo the Hippogryph. I bought him purely based on his story of being a movie buff and he came with a little box of popcorn. And I was WEAK. Look how cute he is!

From the official Dragons and Beasties website:
Hugo is a hippogryph cub with a penchant for movies, and never goes anywhere without his little tub of popcorn. It is Hugo’s big dream to someday star in a big production of his own, just like his hero Griffin Downy. He spends his days memorizing lines from movies and reciting them for anyone who will stand still long enough.

The good/bad thing about this is now I am aware of Dragons and Beasties, a store I had never heard of before but now I’m looking at the site every day and then running away because SO MUCH CUTENESS but also, do I need more adorable figurines? Or pins? Or mugs? YES I DO BUT I MUST RESIST!

So far so good, but I did start following them on Instagram so every day I see the cuteness. Will it be enough to tide me over? I just missed their big anniversary sale so right now I keep telling myself to wait for another sale.

Those were my first two purchases, gentle reader. But they were not my last…

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