Retail therapy: Bones Coffee

Apparently during “Stay Home” I was very susceptible to Instagram advertising. Plus, who doesn’t want to try fancy coffee that has a sassy skeleton as it’s logo?

So many flavors to choose from!

If you are patient, Bones Coffee has some good deals on their sample packs. I don’t actually have a coffee pot at home – we have a single serving machine that has a basket. This made the 4 oz. bags of each flavor last five months (2 of those months, three of us were at home, drinking coffee every day. The other 3, we had to go back to work so the drinking of fancy coffees was moved to a weekend activity).

For my first Bones Coffee order ever, I did two sample packs: Bones’ Favorite Flavors Sample Pack and a Pick Your Own Sample Pack. That’s TEN different flavors of coffee!!! Here are my thoughts, in no particular order:

Mint Invaders (Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream): This was both my stepdaughter and mine’s instant favorite. We are fans of the Thin Mint flavored coffee from Dunkin and this was better. Lovely hint of mint and chocolate.

Irish Cream: I’ll be honest – I never got to try this one! My husband loves Irish Cream liqueur so I bought this for him to drink and he pretty much drank the whole thing. He might have tried other flavors but he always went back to this one. I bought in a 12 oz. package in my most recent order.

Highland Grog (Butterscotch and Caramel): I found this one hard to taste and I kept having to refer back to the bag to figure out what it was supposed to be. There was a hint of the flavors but it didn’t stand out enough to me to want to go back to it.

Maple Bacon: This was the biggest surprise for me. Maple Bacon coffee? I never would have picked this but it turned out to be one of my favorite flavors, even if it left me craving pancakes after every cup. Each sip felt like you were taking a sip after enjoying some bacon and waffles, that hint of syrup sweetness and the salty bacon.

S’morey Time: This says it was “S’mores” flavor but I think it was a little to subtle. I always put a splash of half and half or milk in my coffee so I think the sweet flavors were overwhelmed by that dollop of dairy. Not bad, just not a stand out.

French Toast: I was disappointed in this one, I was really hoping to taste some cinnamon and syrup, especially after the maple bacon. Flavor was too subtle when it had to compete with my addition of milk.

Strawberry Cheesecake: DECADENT. The only way to describe this. As a child, I was obsessed with strawberry cheesecake ice cream because the first time I had it was on a road trip to Florida at South of the Border and for a long time that was the only place I had seen it. So this flavor just makes me happy. This is more of a sipping coffee though because the flavor is SO strong, probably the strongest of this bunch, I found I had to take my time with it more than the others. I didn’t want to eat anything else while I sipped this for fear of the flavors clashing.

Sinn-o-Bun (Cinnamon Roll): This was also very subtle. It tasted more like what I wanted the French Toast to taste like – a hint of sweetness and cinnamon.

Cookies N’ Dreams (Cookie and Vanilla): I can only describe this as if someone took your coffee and dipped their Oreos into it for too long, the Oreo disintegrated into the liquid and then you picked it up and began to drink it. You can taste that hint of the cookie still lingering on the coffee.

Bluesberry: I’m a big fan of Dunkin’s Blueberry coffee flavor shot and this coffee was better. Why do blueberries and coffee go so well together? Another one I plan on ordering again.

In July, Bones had a Christmas Flavors special sample pack and a 30% off coupon that let me get another sample pack and a large 12 oz. Irish Cream for almost the same price as my previous order! So I have a whole new set of flavors to start in September!

Think you want to give Bones Coffee a try? You can get a $5 off coupon with my referral link. I suggest following them on Instagram and/or Twitter so you can find out when they have their next deal (also their Instagram posts are gold, I share them WAY too much in my story).

Have you tried Bones Coffee? What flavors are your favorite? Did you get the Christmas sampler pack? What flavor should I try first?

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