Snowflake Challenge – Goals

Challenge #4

In your own space, create some goals.

In 2020, I dived into the world of tabletop and roleplaying games headfirst but I haven’t actually played that many yet though, so for 2021, I want to play the games I bought last year.

this…isn’t all of them…

I went a little wild on Kickstarter while I was working from home so I will have even more games arriving over the next few months. My goal is to play them all and then blog about the experience here.

Small selection of my Kickstarter Backed Projects

I also got into painting miniatures. I’m not actually using them for games, just enjoying the chill times of painting for fun. One of my Christmas presents was a nice paint set for minis so I am committed to it now. I backed the Kickstarter for Sea of Legends and…yeah, that has a LOT of minis so that should keep me busy once it arrives (hopefully February!).

I’m setting my GoodReads goal for 2021 at 50 books. I had a lot of trouble focusing last year, but I am hoping that this will change as the months go on. I have binged a few graphic novels already though so my goal has some padding to start. If I feel like I can read like I was before 2020, I might up that number but 50 seems good to start.

I also want to do a rewatch of my movie collection. It has been awhile since I revisted a lot of those films and many of them I saw in the theater, LOVED, bought the disc…and then never bothered watching again. I want to see if they have withstood the test of time. I’ll try to post about them on here, or at the very least update my Letterboxd on a regular basis.

When I first saw this “challenge”, I didn’t think I would have any goals, but now that I have typed these out, I’m feeling pretty good about the nerdy, fandom part of my soul having plenty to do this year. Do you have any fandom goals for 2021?

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