Friday Fun

As usual, a shorter workweek (I had Monday off for MLK Day) was the longest week in awhile. Why is that? I think waiting for the inauguration on Wednesday, and then holding my breath all through Wednesday until it was finished, and the emotional roller coaster that the entire event was…it wore me out.

BUT! I’m going to try to make Fridays the day I reflect on the week and think of the things that brought me joy, even on strange weeks like this one.

This twitter thread has a great collection of Bernie memes if you somehow have missed them.
  • Amanda Gorman’s amazing poem and her reading of that poem.
Amanda Gorman reads “The Hill We Climb” — PBS News Hour via YouTube

While I was a little emotional during the event, I didn’t actually start crying until about halfway through this poem, which felt like a prayer for our country.

If I had seen poetry performed like this when I was a kid, I might have actually appreciated its power. Gorman was mesmerizing. She is definitely someone to watch too. Yes, I am among her millions of online followers now because I don’t want to miss out on any more of her magic. I hope she remains a powerful, confident voice in the world for years to come.

Canvas by Road to Infamy
  • Totally unrelated, but also on Wednesday I received a notification that one of the games I backed on Kickstarter almost a year ago shipped and should be arriving on Saturday!

I played Canvas on Tabletop Simulator with a friend back in March and I loved it. A fun, chill game about making art. I also really like that the box is made to be hung on the wall and I am totally doing that because look how pretty it is!! I’ve had the artwork as my computer background for awhile now, it’s just gorgeous. Once I get to play it, I will post my review here.

  • A weird side-effect of following a group of D&D players online is that people create amazing fan art and I have ended up following lots of artists on Instagram. One artist who has a unique style and seems to be just a genuinely nice person is Daniel Round. He does some lovely work with inked line art and then ads gold leafing to make it all really POP. Also, this week, we had some unexplained monkeys appear…
from Daniel Round’s Instagram page – go give him a follow right now!!!
  • I finally started the solo RPG Thousand Year Old Vampire! I’ve barely scratched the surface (ha!) but I went through the process of setting up the first round of memories and backstory and who turned her into a vampire. I really need to make time for this, it is a lot of fun but I seem to be very bad at just making time for myself for writing. As soon as I started typing, the ideas started to flow from my fingers for her story, it felt so good to be creative. I can’t wait to get into the prompts and see where this all goes.

Those are five things that made me happy this week! What are are some things that made YOU smile? Share in the comments! Likes and comments are ALWAYS appreciated.

Have a good weekend!

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