My Stuff Mondays

Yes, I like themed days of the week post with alliteration, so sue me (but not really because I have no money due to…well, you’ll see when I start highlighting all my stuff).

I have tried to do this theme before a long time ago and had shelved it, but then I saw Athena Scalzi’s post today and it inspired me to try again – maybe making this cute graphic will help.

Since she did pins, I’m going to start with some pins. My Mom got me a cool pendant for displaying my pins as a Christmas present so I am in the process of re-arranging what I have.

These are my Dragon*Con pins, sold at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Atlanta the week of the event.

It took me awhile, but I realized that I should stop buying t-shirts from every event I went to because you can only wear so many t-shirts and they take up a lot of space. But PINS! You can have SO MANY pins! So now I buy pins when I can. Sometimes buttons if no pins are available.

The orange dragon on the far right is from my first Dragon*Con in 2009. It’s part of a set and I gave the other dragon to my friend who went with me. Dragon*Con was one of those mythical events we had heard so much about from our friend on Livejournal, but she lived in Georgia so it was a lot easier for her to go. I was in Maryland and my friend was in West Virginia. But in 2009 we decided to get a little wild and drive down to Georgia for the convention. IT WAS AMAZING. So I bought the pin set and gave her the other dragon (looks like it was a blue dragon) …I wonder if she still has the pin and thinks about that trip too…

Of course, once you shop, you can’t stop so this quickly became a traditional thing I felt the need to buy. The bottom center is the 2011 25th Anniversary pin. This was also part of a set and I think I might have gifted the other two to my compatriots for this adventure.

The dragon guitar on the left is from the 2012 set and the two above that, which form a awesome dragon shaped heart, are also from 2012. They were a set and I gave one to my boyfriend at the time…but now we’re married and when he saw me organizing my pins last week, he pulled it out of the drawer he had it in and give it to me to complete the set. Seems fitting.

No idea if these are worth anything to anyone but that doesn’t matter because they mean a lot to me. Each Dragon*Con I have attended was better than the next and I would like to go back someday. It’s such a wild long weekend. I’m glad I have these little bits to remind me I was there.

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