What I’m Reading Wednesday

I finished reading ‘Just Mercy’ this week and it was even more heartbreaking in those final pages. I plan on watching the movie soon, I’m very curious about how it all ends because I’m betting they don’t go into the epilogue of Walter’s life after he was exonerated.

To go to a happier place, I read the second book in the Sanity and Tallulah series, Field Trip. I adored the first book in this children’s graphic novel series. Set in the far future, Sanity and Tallulah are two young girls growing up on a space station. In the first book, they have a science experiment that goes a bit too far and they end up with a giant, two-headed kitten.

The sequel did some cool stuff, like expanding on the the universe and giving us hints about why humanity is living on a space station and not everything in the galaxy is not rainbows and giant two-headed kittens.

The girls and their classmates take a literal field trip, the literal field being the surface of a planet. It is their first time on an actual planet. On their journey, they try to grasp what actual planet life would be like because growing up on a space station, you don’t have wild animals, dirt, or the sun. It is quite the concept to grasp and one that I think will make a great conversation starter with young readers about the things we all take for granted.

And apparently there is a third volume on the way of this series! I can’t wait to see what these girls get up to next.

I am also listening to Star Wars: Queen’s Shadow by E.K. Johnston. My friend created a Star Wars Book Club and while I usually don’t go for book clubs, I thought this might be fun because Star Wars books are usually quick, fun reads. I opted for the audiobook because I thought I could listen to it while making dinner. According to Libby, it’s about 8 hours long, so that is probably about 8 dinners.

One of the perks of listening to the book is that Star Wars audiobooks are full of sound effects. The first line of the book was the classic “A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…” and then the Star Wars fanfare played. There are lots of sound effects scattered in for flavor, like the ambiance of Naboo or the clatter of droids on pavement. It’s so nerdy and I love it.

The story focuses on Padme Amidala and her handmaidens, somewhere between the events of Episode I and II. I’m already enjoying the insights into the minds of the handmaidens though it was weird to listen to all the politics about the election at the very start because who wants to hear about election politics anymore? People of Naboo trying to get Padme elected for another term by changing the planet’s laws? No. (Padme said no too).

Tonight, I’m going to start Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi. I debated reading this or Stamped by Jason Reynolds (the YA adaptation) but decided I would actually try reading an adult book again. It’s 500 pages. If I manage to finish it, it will probably the the longest book I’ve read in awhile.

So expect to hear about this book for the next few weeks. I might have to pick up another children’s graphic novel in-between chapters to take a breather from the seriousness but I am going to make it through this book.

Did you finish or start any new books this week? Are you listening to any good audiobooks? Do they have sound effects of space ships? Well, they should have, email the publisher.

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