My Stuff Monday – SNOW DAY!

I almost forgot to type up an entry for today because we finally got some real snow in Maryland and I was distracted.

I bought Flurry from Dragons & Beasties during my Christmas shopping spree and have been waiting for a good snow to take her outside for a photoshoot. Alas, I missed the big fluffy flakes early in the morning, but I was still able to snap a few pictures.


I discovered Dragons and Beasties about a year ago when shopping on Hot Topic’s website. I was actually there for some nerd jewelry but, as always, I did a quick browse of Funko Pops which ended up sneaking in a listing for the adorable Hugo the Hippogryph. I knew I needed him because of his little popcorn! So, yeah, he went into my cart to bump me up to free shipping LOL.

If you want to see some real life magic, follow Dragons and Beasties on Instagram where she often does short sculpting videos. It is just amazing watching these little creatures come to life from small balls of clay. She makes it look so effortless!

I think these are one of the few toys I have that don’t tie into some other property. They are just cute critters!

Do you take your toys out in the snow to play? Do you have any cool items in your collection that just exist to be cool, not just merchandise from a movie/tv show? Tell me about them in the comments!

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