Five Fun Things for Friday

This week was a lot, there was some really infuriating stuff on the internet about someone I used to be a fan of but now know that I really can’t be a fan of…dealing with these emotions has been a lot, which is silly because it’s not like I KNOW them…but still…argh.


I put the finishing touches on a super-secret project and hopefully next week I can talk about it but I am feeling very accomplished! It was a great ego boost and I had a lot of fun. Watch this space next week for the reveal!

it’s a secret party…but you all will be invited soon

Let me tell you, board game Instagram is a lovely place. I posted before about BoardGameBanter and I’ve been chatting with them in the comments on their posts. Anyway, they tagged me yesterday in a photo challenge, which I thought was really sweet. So now I am participating in the #10daysofcoolcompositions challenge! I’m brainstorming some ideas but I made myself take my first set of photos yesterday to start. The idea of the challenge is to mix media and my copy of ‘Set A Watch’ was sitting in front of me with two random miniatures I had painted and I realized both of the characters could be found in the game. So this is the 3D Set a Watch Experience:

I started Field Guide to Memory, a solo journalling RPG. I backed the email edition on Kickstarter so I have been getting an email every day this week with a new prompt. I am a little behind (okay, 3 days behind LOL) but I enjoyed the little bit I did last night. I think this might be something that I do the first time to try to just do it and then maybe revisit later with more intention. I know at some point it is going to ask me to go outside and IT IS COLD OUTSIDE so yeah maybe revisit in the spring when going to the park sounds like a logical idea. But it is fun to stretch that writing muscle.

I got to play some D&D with my online friends. We play over Discord. It had been about a month since we last played (because everyone knows the hardest part of any RPG is scheduling the game time!) so it was nice to see everyone. We had an epic battle with the not-quite-final boss (I think, our DM was being coy). As usual, my rogue forgot how to Rogue because she is more of a swashbuckler that wants to use her wit/persuasion/charisma to get out of things so I always forget how much extra she can do during fights. But she did manage to shoot an enchanted arrow at the baddie and hit, so that was her moment of triumph!

Loving all the bonus Expanse content! There were “After Show” specials on YouTube with Wes Chatham and Ty Franck, which has now morphed into a full-fledge podcast called Ty and that Guy which started this week. I watched the first episode on YouTube, a deep dive into how the film Alien influenced The Expanse and now I just really want to watch Alien again.

Anyway, I was being nerdy and commented on Wes’ Instagram post and he LIKED and REPLIED to it which was just kind of cool and I took a screenshot to cherish forever like the nerd I am.

(The only downside to this was that all these imposter accounts started messaging me but jokes on them, I LOVE reporting fake Instagram accounts! When I get that notification that they took down an Insta I reported…mine is an evil laugh.)

Those were my five positive misadventures from this week. How about you?? Link to your post or leave a note in the comments! Let’s share some happy stories.

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