Monday: My Stuff and Memories

I posted about The Muppets last week and I forgot to mention I have my very own WhatNot!


A “Whatnot” is any background Muppet you see on the screen. The ones that show up for bit numbers, like the ballroom joke sequence or songs but are never given a name or story. FAO Schwarz’s store in New York City apparently had an entire Whatnot area where you could build your own Muppet, carefully hand-selecting each piece. I never got to go to the FAO Schwarz physical workshop, but I was lucky enough to build my own WhatNot online as a birthday present. (omg this was apparently 10 years ago???)

Like many Muppet fans, I always wanted to know what it was like behind the puppet. I had hand puppets, obviously, but there is something different about having a real bonafide Muppet to play with. There is a certain weight that is very different from a homemade sock puppet.

I’ve taken Anna around with me to work for programs, she even came to DragonCon with me once but sadly most of the time she just sits up on my shelf. HIGH up on my shelf because, unbeknownst to me, her pink feathery hair is a delicacy for my cat. I actually emailed FAO after the incident and they were kind enough to send me replacement hair because she was pretty much bald after Starbuck (my kitty) had her way with her.

I really should take my Whatnot out on more adventures. She is really fun to play with and it is sad that she has to hide up on the shelf. I’ll have to brainstorm some activities for her.

Have any suggestions???


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