Five fun things for Friday

I’ve felt kind of off this whole week, mostly because we had TWO snow days last week, Thursday and Friday, which lead me to allowing myself to stay up too late and then sleep in for four days in a row. So on Monday I had what I was calling a “snow day hangover” because I was so tired and grumpy all day. I did go to bed early Monday night (I was exhausted) and felt better after that but it gave the week this weird feeling.

But it is Friday and time to focus on the fun things this week:

We discovered the tv series Mr. Mayor this week. I found out it was written by Tina Fey and Ted Danson was the lead, so I had to watch it, and I was pleasantly surprised by all the familiar faces in the cast.

Mr. Mayor on NBC – Streaming on Peacock and Hulu

I will warn you, the first couple episodes are rough as they try to find their footing and introduce the characters. I almost stopped but there were enough chuckles that I decided to keep watching and I am SO glad I did because each episode since has had us actually laughing out loud. It feels like if you put 30 Rock and Parks and Rec into a blender, poured out that delicious smoothy and then topped with some 2020 based jokes that poke fun at everything this last year has been. It is a lot of fun and I really hope it gets a second season! I feel like it just hit its stride.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney cover art

I bought the Phoenix Wright trilogy for my Nintendo Switch back in 2019 after Andy Farrant from OutsideXbox said it was one of his favorite games of all time. I had purchased it for the Switch because it felt like a great road trip game, something I could play in the car while we were driving for 14 hours and not give myself motion sickness. Alas…road trips were not a thing this past year and I saw the game in my Switch menu this week and decided to start playing again!

I really is a lot of fun. At its core, it is a visual novel and you just have to find the write pieces of the puzzle for the game to continue, but it is SO satisfying to pick the correct piece of evidence to present on the first try and hear Wright’s “OBJECTION!”

I’m just about to finish up the first game in the series, next time I pick up my Switch, I will start the final phase of the trial. I’ve been playing them before bedtime and honestly there is so much reading, I feel like it should count as my book for the month!

The sun finally came out this week! It was up to 50 degrees yesterday, which was just lovely. March usually brings at least one good winter storm before finally giving up and letting Spring be a thing, but these past couple days it has been so nice to see SUNSHINE.

We had a game night this week and we played Pulsar: The Lost Colony. SO many update since I last played, the game feels a bit more balanced now, especially when it comes to space battles (or maybe I just got better?). We explored the galaxy and didn’t die! For our crew, that is a big achievement!

I managed to snag a copy of the Stardew Valley board game!

Stardew Valley: The Board Game

This was very much an impulse purchase, with a large dash of FOMO on top. But I’m glad I did it because the game sold out that evening. This isn’t a Kickstarter either, this is just THE GAME IS READY NOW so hopefully it will arrive next month. Definitely a birthday present for myself! I’ll be sure to post my thoughts about the game as soon as I can find people to play with me. I’m hoping it is just as chill and fun as the PC game.

So, how was your week?

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