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QUESTION – did you all have to learn to sew for a class in school?

It might have been called “Home Economics” or “Life Skills” or something like that, but did you have a class that purported to teach you skills you would need as an adult?

I did, in middle school (7th-8th grade, so 13-15 years old), and of course it all went in one ear and out the other. But I did manage to use a pattern to create the pillow of my choice. And my choice was a purple dinosaur:

Clearing out the garage

He somehow managed to survive all those years.

I am always in awe of seamstresses and cosplayers and their abilities to create patterns from scratch to bring characters to life. Not just their skills, but their patience, because I’ve never been motivated enough again to take up a need and thread and attempt to sew something together since.

Maybe they should have taught us how to make cosplay outfits in high school, maybe then it would have stuck. I don’t think much stuck from Middle School, to me honest.

So, did you have to sew something in school? What was it? Is it still hiding somewhere in your home, waiting?

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