music mondays – Bastille

I’m BACK! I’m sure you did not even notice I was gone because I think I write most of this stuff for my own amusement but whatevs. March just got away from me with birthdays and vaccines and what-not. But I’m going to settle in again and try to start posting my daily randomness.

I’ve been a fan of Bastille for awhile, though I’m not deep into their fandom so I was totally unaware of the reorchestrated part of their story. They created this documentary for Amazon about this side project that they keep coming back to and it was a great look inside the band, their story, and their insistence on continuing to grow as artists and performers. Even if you’re just a casual fan like me, I definitely recommend giving it a watch to see the group’s evolution.

I’ve seen Bastille in concert twice – once in 2014 at a university performance, so it was relatively cozy, and then again in 2019 at The Anthem in Washington D.C. – and both times I have loved every minute of their show. Even with a room full of hundreds of people, it somehow still felt intimate and welcoming.

One of my top songs by them has to be ‘Poet’. It is a song about the power of the writer, the storyteller, and how they can immortalize those they love through their art, keeping the most perfected image of them alive for all time through their words.

Happy listening!

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