music monday – “Reharmonizing a John Mayer song that doesn’t exist (yet!)

(there’s 2 hours left in my Monday so I’m sliding this post in now because I just watched this video and really enjoyed it)

Adam Neely is a musician, bass player, teacher and one of my favorite music YouTubers. He recently had a fun time playing with a song that (try to keep up) John Mayer teased on his TikTok and then Mary Spender attempted to extrapolate the whole song from that clips to make her own release and Adam and his friends jazzed it up a bit with some bass, guitar, and drums.

Got all that? Just watch the video and it will all make a lot more sense…maybe.

Honestly, I don’t think the official release will stand a chance:

Depending on what the legal ramifications of this kind of reimaginging/remixing has (as Neely mentions at the end of the video) I think this would be a really great trend to see – established artists dropping bits from their new songs and other musicians seeing what they can create with it and, in the end, we can see who wins in the final showdown.

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