music monday – beautiful and tragic

Back in March, Adam Neely and Ben Levin did a 24-hour Twitch stream as a fundraiser. During the stream the goal was to create enough new music to have an album. I was able to watch a little bit over the course of the two days (since they started around 10am and streamed into the next day) and it was quite the effort. Everyone was looking pretty exhausted by the end the but album they created in that short time span is impressive.

The song that Adam and Ben immediately new was the “single” was their team up with vocalist, Justice Cow, for the song ‘Beautiful and Tragic’ which has a great hook. After one listen, I had it stuck in my head the rest of the day and had to go back and listen to again to try to clear out the earworm…it didn’t work. It as, as the kids say, a bop.

Ben Levin created a trippy animated video to go along with the song and put it on YouTube:

If you want to listen to the whole album, which is quite a journey and gets experimental at times, it is on Spotify:

If you’re at all curious about the art of making music, I suggest following Adam on YouTube and Twitch. His YouTube has lots of great video essays on music, music theory, being a musician. His Twitch page will have random live streams of him making music and talking with fellow musicians about different collaborations and, apparently, these wild album making live streams (he did it again earlier this month).

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