what I’m reading Wednesday

book cover: Switch by A.S. King

I finished the new A.S. King book on Sunday. She is one of my favorite authors, hands down, I’ve loved almost every book and even the ones that I struggled with, there were still things about them that stuck with me. Switch isn’t my favorite book by her, but it was still solid. I couldn’t put it down and I read it in just a little over a week, which for me is pretty impressive. I had to get back to it, to decipher what was happening, to get the deeper meaning of it all. That’s what I love about her books, nothing is on the surface, she makes you work for it. Even when the resolution has occurred and you read that final page, as a reader you have a lot of work to do to fully understand the meaning of the story.

book cover: Network effect by Martha Wells

Next up, I’m FINALLY going to read the Murderbot novel from last year!!! Network Effect – this poor book – it came out right at the start of the pandemic and my focus was non-existent. I had been looking forward to it for so long and then I just couldn’t give it the attention it needed. I ended up returning the book. But now I seem to be able to handle long-form fiction again and I could use some snarky robot stories.

I have a stack of books piled up by my desk, which includes the entire run of Gideon Falls by Jeff Lemire. This is another series that I was following when it came out and then it got away from me and I just saw that the latest trade released is the finale of the series…and I have forgotten everything about it so I’m just going to binge read all the comics to I can fully appreciate the finale. That is in the pile after Murderbot though, I have my priorities.

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