music monday: Man About a Dog – The Whitlams

Finally dug into my “Recent Releases” playlist on Spotify this week and was delighted to find a track from The Whitlams!

Bit of backstory: back in 1998, I traveled to Australia with a student group. While I was there, I went into a CD store and asked for some local music. The person in the shop gave me a copy of The Whitlams “Eternal Nightcap” and I immediately became obsessed with it. When I got back to the States, I found out that none of their albums were available here. I ended up negotiating a trade with a Dave Matthews Band fan in Australia, sending them several DMB live shows I had in exchange for all The Whitlams albums available. They were interesting to listen to because some of the references were very much about Australian culture while others were just straight-forward stories about life and love. Music is an amazing thing.

ANYWAY! I’m excited to see that all these years later, a track from them can pop up on Spotify and still sounds like music to my ears. I hope this means a whole new album will be out later this year.

I think it is wild that, all those years ago, I tried to circumvent iTunes location sign-in (before VPNs were an easily accessible thing) and now I can just Google and find the entire album officially uploaded to YouTube.

If you like the new song, here are some of my favorite “oldies” tracks from The Whitlams:

…actually, I clearly need to listen to all of these albums again this week, it has been far too long. Sorry “Recent Releases”, looks like you’ll have to wait a minute while I go into throwback mode.

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