Ducktales theme song is a bop.

I meant to do a Tabletop Tuesday post but time got away from me! Instead, can we talk about how the new Ducktales theme song is both a gorgeous opening sequence and epic bop? (I say “new” but the series started on Disney XD in 2017?…well it is new to me!)


We’ve been watching the series on Disney+ , we just finished episode 19 of the first season and it is just such a fun show. I love the animation, the cast is full of favorites (David Tennant! Danny Pudi! Kate Micucci! – seriously, just Google that cast and you will recognize so many faces, even if you don’t know their names.) There are tons of meta-jokes for us older viewers that grew up with the original series and other Disney Afternoon and Saturday morning cartoons.

Something about this opening sequence is SO visually pleasing to me. I think it is the way the movement of the characters match the rhythm of the song – it is animated with the beat in mind, not a mix of already cut scenes put together. I just can’t bring myself to skip it! I love watching Scrooge’s lucky coin bounce from frame to frame, until he snatches it with his cane in the final moments. Just SO satisfying.

Sorry for dropping this earworm in your head. Are there any TV shows currently airing with great theme songs? Do you have a favorite theme song from an old show that still pops into your head?

I can think of shows with theme music, but not any with words? (As soon as I hit “Post”, I know I will immediately think of 10 more…but right at this moment, nothing is jumping to mind…but now I feel a follow up post of my favorite opening sequences in the future…)

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