music mondays – Ricky Montgomery “Talk to You”

I am so happy that new music from my favorite artists is appearing in my Spotify playlist again! I felt like I was about to regress back into putting my Bastille playlist on a loop again. But, no there is new music and I am happy again! So I’m bringing back #musicmondays. Join me!

music monday

If you haven’t heard of Ricky Montgomery, I wouldn’t be surprised – he’s got a decent following but nothing huge. I only know about him because of my stepdaughter but I really like his sound and his style. He has a dark sense of humor and he puts that into his lyrics. You might think you’re listening to a love song, but things can take a turn for the worse, or just the weird, pretty quick.

He also REALLY enjoys making music videos that are a bit goofy or off the wall. I hadn’t actually watched the music video for his new song ‘Talk to You’ until I went to find it for this post. It’s classic Ricky though.

This song has an upbeat melody with melancholy lyrics that could be referring to a friend, a lover, or family member. Did they move away, break up, or pass on? It’s up to you to interpret, depending on your mood.

(I suggest just listening to the song first, then watching the video. Because there is a lot going on visually that even I had a hard time concentrating on the song!)

I hope you enjoyed it!

What’s your favorite new release? Any smaller artists that you follow that you would recommend giving a listen? Join in the fun with the #MusicMondays hashtag and let’s make this a thing! Epic playlist for 2021!

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