As I have said before, the Instagram board game community is a lovely place! Because of my board game love and librarian job, I was tagged in this challenge back in October and I really love the whole idea of pairing books and games around a theme! Here was my October post:

Fun fact: because I work in a place full of free books, I actually don’t own a lot of books! So when I went to pick a title for the @gamingoverboard and @blendedfamilygamers #boardsandbooks spooky challenge tonight, I had to search a bit.

“The Ruins” by Scott Smith is a horrific tale! I remember it freaking me out, such good atmosphere and the slow realization of what is happening. A monster in the darkness…

MonsDRAWsity is all about monsters taking shape…ok maybe it’s not the scariest game ever, but if you had the right mood lighting and tone, you could make your descriptions pretty creepy!

And November:

🎲 Oriflamme by @studio_h_games
📕 Private Eye by @briankvaughan

🎲 Oriflamme is a game of deception and secrecy while trying to take over the medieval realm you inhabit. Each person plays as a different house (deck of cards) and you place cards face down on the table in a row…then you each decide if a card should be flipped and its power activated. But you could reveal an assassin or spy and have it all fall apart! The challenge is keeping a straight face as you place your card – don’t let on if it is a soldier or spy!

📕 Private Eye is a graphic novel by one of my favorite authors – all about secrets being exposed after “the cloud” bursts! Set in a near future, this P.I. must navigate secret identities and solve a mystery.

I’ll be honest, I pulled this off my bookshelf and immediately wanted to reread it as it has been years! So thanks for making that happen @blendedfamilygamers and @gamingoverboard

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