PAX Unplugged 2021 – who’s going?

After much debate, I’ve decided that I’m going to PAX Unplugged – the all board game and tabletop convention in Philadelphia!

I’ve been to PAX East many times, as my focus was on video games. Last year (which seems like a lifetime ago) I attended PAX East as a board game fan too, and I loved the experience of walking around the tabletop area and sitting down to play games with other people. It was such a different feeling than playing a video game demo, especially when most of those were tutorials that taught you how to play. With board games, you needed another human there to explain the rules and help you get through.

Once I saw that PAX Unplugged was going to be in-person, requiring vaccination and masking the whole time, I decided I wanted to go. So many other online friends had met up at GenCon and other recent conventions, I didn’t want to miss put on this one!

And, bonus, my beloved Dicebreaker team might be there too if they can manage to hop across the pond!

I am really looking forward to this adventure, I can’t believe it’s only a few weeks away!

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